Lloyds customers warned over convincing-looking letter scam


Millions of Lloyds customers have been warned to be vigilant against a tide of scam letters purporting to be from the bank, but which are actually being sent by fraudsters.

The letters use a customer’s name, the Lloyds Bank logo and is even signed off by ‘Jamie Smith – Customer Relationship Manager’ all in a bid to dupe their potential victim into believing the letter is genuine.

The full letter, as published by the Daily Telegraph, reads:

Dear [customer name]

We have noticed some unusual transactions on your personal current account, please contact us on 08438 49 58 65 to confirm these transaction are genuine.

Yours sincerely

Jamie Smith

Customer Relationship Manager

Another scam: Those who bank with Lloyds have been warned to be vigilant with customers receiving letters from fraudsters

However, upon calling the number, they are taken through what appears to be a…


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