Local News: Ambulance district board watches demo of new CPR tool (5/19/17)

VCAD director Leland Splitter, right, demonstrates the LUCAS II chest compression system during the board meeting Thursday evening. Also picture is board member April Jacobs.

Gabe Franklin/Daily Mail


The highlight of the Vernon County Ambulance District meeting Thursday evening was a demonstration of the LUCAS II chest compression system.

“All the crews are very pleased,” VCAD director Leland Splitter said.

Splitter said the three systems arrived last week and are in service.

The LUCAS II system performs chest compressions required during cardiopulmonary resuscitation at a rate of 102 per minute, freeing a rescuer to perform other tasks such as ventilation or to administer medications.

At the April 21 board meeting, assistant director Rob Spencer said, “these devices are priceless in the back of an [ambulance].”

Spencer explained the LUCAS II chest compression system is better than a human at performing CPR, and unlike a human, will not get tired.

Splitter unpacked the system, which is carried in a hard case backpack.

According to the Physio-Control website http://www.physio-control.com/, the system consists of four parts.

“• A back plate which is positioned underneath the patient as a support for the external chest compressions.

• An upper part which contains the proprietary and rechargeable LUCAS battery and the compression mechanism with the disposable suction cup.

• A stabilization strap which helps to secure the position of the device in relation to the patient.

• A carrying case.”

Once the system is assembled around a patient’s torso, the plunger is manually positioned on the patient’s chest and will compress two inches down from that point. The system can perform continuous compression or 30 compressions with a pause for two ventilations to be delivered.

At an April 21 meeting, the board voted unanimously to approve a three-year lease for three Lucas II chest compression systems from Physio-Control for a total of more than $59,000 over the three-year lease, which includes a service contract.

• Splitter said the district had been approached by Chris Haynes with an offer of $2,600 to buy a portable building the district no longer uses and various radio equipment, also no longer in use. The district bought the building about 10 years ago for $2,500-$3,000.

The board voted unanimously to approve the sale.

• The board voted unanimously to accept the finalized 2013-14 and 2014-15 audits from D.S.W.A. Certified Public Accountants.

“Nothing has changed,” Splitter said, holding a draft copy of the audit. “He just finalized these.”

• The former Medic 3 ambulance has been listed for auction on Purplewave.com with an ending date of June 6. As of Thursday evening, the current bid was $2,250.

• Splitter said the electrical contractor is scheduled to begin replacing all of the light fixtures in the district’s building with LEDs. The project cost is approximately $25,000.

• Splitter said the…

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