Man who stabbed a 12-year-old to death testifies that he acted in self-defense


SANTA ANA – An Anaheim tagging crew member accused of stabbing a 12-year-old rival to death testified on Monday that he acted in self-defense and denied claims by a prosecutor that he yelled “Die! Die! Die!” as he delivered the fatal blows.

Bryan Ocampo, then 18, said that when he pulled a fold-out knife from his pocket during a 2011 fist fight near Sycamore Junior High School he only meant to scare Juan Martinez off and prevent others from entering the fray.

Ocampo, now 23, is on trial for the murder of Martinez. At the time of the fatal fight, Ocampo was a member of a tagging crew, while Martinez belonged to a rival crew.

Ocampo seemed calm during questioning by his attorney, Mitch Timbanard, as members of both his family and the Martinez family looked on. With black-framed glasses and a closely-cropped haircut, Ocampo looked much different from the shaggy-haired…


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