Releases New Physician Referral Program eBook

Have you ever been interested in being your own boss? You can now build a team underneath you by referring a friend to and earn 10% override on their commission every month. You can work from home as a sales distributor for, making your own hours. Signing up as a sales representative is a short and simple process that can allow you to work around your own schedule, earn thousands of dollars each month, in addition to referral bonus commissions. To learn more about the new referral program feel free to download the free eBook.

How It Works offers three entry-level monthly subscription options ranging in price from $895-$1,995. Sales reps responsible for creating the accounts will receive 10-20% residual commission each month. Building your own sales team through referrals will put your earning potential even higher with 10% override on their commission each month.

The steps to become a sales rep for include:

1. Sign up on the registration page and complete the registration requirements

2. Review the materials, including’s Marketing Book and “Guide to SEO Sales for Doctors”

3. Distribute the materials to physicians

4. Once the physician implements medical marijuana at their practice, register them through the online portal to gain referral commissions each month

The process of getting a physician to sign up is thoroughly explained and outlined in the sales kit. This can be referred to as needed during the initial process of gaining clients and is an easy-to-follow method.

The steps for physician sign up include:

1. Create a list of leads based on the specialty or focus of medicine in which you plan to target physicians based on their…

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