Men Left 'to Die': Gen. James Mattis' Controversial Wartime Decision


The former Marine general tapped to become Donald Trump’s secretary of defense has been hailed as an “iconoclastic thinker” and a “warrior monk,” but a decorated ex–special operations officer recently remembered him another way: as the commander who, he said, left soldiers “to die” in Afghanistan.

Trump announced retired Gen. James Mattis as his pick for the next defense secretary Thursday, sparking a renewed interest in the blunt-talking Marine’s history. The next day, a controversial incident from 15 years ago came under the spotlight in the form of a Facebook post by former Green Beret Jason Amerine, who won the Bronze Star for valor in Afghanistan.

In the post, Amerine told the story of when his Army Special Forces team, along with “scores” of allied Afghan fighters, reportedly was hit by friendly fire in December 2001, just weeks after the initial invasion of Afghanistan….


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