MICHAEL BURLEIGH: I despise Tony Blair's grubby attempt to spin away Chilcot truths 


The publication of the Chilcot report into the Iraq War will be in less than six weeks’ time, after an extraordinary seven-year gestation.

Chilcot will be a defining moment in our recent history, and not just because 179 British service personnel and thousands of Iraqis were killed in the ensuing anarchy.

It will show how the art of lying has become central to the British way of government – with ‘facts’ proving malleable and the civil service degraded into partisanship.

Tony Blair (pictured) has been hawking himself around TV sofas this weekend – getting in his pre-emptive defence against what are expected to be severe criticisms of why Britain went to war and how the aftermath was so grievously mishandled

We have already seen cackhanded bids to deflect the report’s criticism of key figures, notably by the suddenly visible ‘shadow man’ Sir Richard…


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