New commissioner seeks to improve quality of life without increasing costs – Rosemount Town Pages


“I tried not to do as much talking, believe it or not, because I found out the door-knocking is a lot more effective if you listen to what people have to say rather than talk at them,” said Atkins.

And what was the most common question on the campaign trail? What, exactly, does the Dakota County Board of Commissioners do?

“As soon as you’d start describing it people would get it — it’s libraries, it’s parks, it’s fixing the roads, the county sheriff, the county attorney’s office,” said Atkins. “Most people had a very favorable view of the county. They like living here, they like working here, they like raising their families here.”

This positive feedback from voters led Atkins to his top goal as a first-time commissioner, modeled after the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors: first, do no harm.

In November, Atkins defeated political newcomer Holly Jenkins to fill the District 4 seat on…


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