New Kintone Partner ConnectUNow Quickly Builds and Deploys Enterprise Applications Using Company’s Low-code Development Platform


IT consultants like ConnectUNow have the ability to leverage Kintone to rapidly deliver sophisticated applications that include the specialized features that their clients need,” said Dave Landa, CEO, Kintone.

Kintone, provider of a leading cloud-based custom-build business applications platform, today announced that ConnectUNow has joined Kintone’s Partner Network. ConnectUNow provides managed IT services to small to medium-sized organizations, including law firms, non-profits and retailers in addition to enterprise-level consulting services and custom-build applications for larger organizations.

ConnectUNow sought a better solution for creating custom software applications for the distributed teamwork and workflow process that their clients require, while reducing overall costs related to management, maintenance and software licenses. So far, ConnectUNow has used Kintone to replace a legacy asset tracking system for one of its clients, a U.S.-headquartered top 100 law firm, which helps manage all IT inventory throughout the firm’s 22 offices.

“We believe Kintone is a great platform for many reasons,” said Juan Ballar, CTO, ConnectUNow. “Not only can we create data-driven applications for our clients but we can easily train them to support Kintone and update it on their own. This provides us with the ability to provide our clients with more cost-effective options and flexibility than what we can using off-the-shelf solutions. We have created Kintone applications in hours which might have taken weeks to months via other means – this is one of the main reasons why we consider Kintone an excellent platform for our needs.”

Using Kintone, ConnectUNow migrated more than 50,000 records from a legacy system to create a more flexible asset tracking system that allows the firm to secure records based on location, providing the ability to assign assets to specific users and giving administrators more control over the data.

“There are many benefits to companies like ConnectUNow using our low-code platform to create custom applications for their customers,” said Dave Landa, CEO, Kintone. “Not only do IT consultants like ConnectUNow have the ability to rapidly deliver sophisticated applications that include the specialized features that their clients need, they also can give their clients control over updating and changing the application as needed with very little training and no coding experience required.”

More details on Kintone’s Partner Network and how to apply to it can be found here.

About ConnectUNow

ConnectUNow was formed in 2011 as a solo consultancy, to service the needs of a group of Partners from Big Law who, upon starting their own firm, turned to…

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