New Lives in the Wild profiles former engineer Tod Kershaw who now lives in the wild and eats roadkill


A former engineer turned his back on a $50,000 salary to live on a diet of roadkill in a wooden shack with no running water.

And ten years on, 50-year-old Tod Kershaw has never been happier.

Kershaw reveals how he swapped his comfortable California lifestyle to exist off-grid in the Appalachian mountains in the Channel 5 series New Lives in the Wild.    

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Ben Fogle spends time with Tod Kershaw at his home in the Appalachian mountains. The former engineer built his own wooden shack and forages for his food

Tod, 50, swapped his modern lifestyle to live in the wild. He allowed Ben Fogle and his crew into film, but the community remains fiercely protective of its privacy

Tod before he completely changed his lifestyle – going from modern city dweller to ‘wild’ forager surrounded by nature

‘I sold my…


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