New Poll Shows Majority Want Government to Prevent Fake News. That’s a Terrible Idea. – Mediaite


Morning Consult has come out with one of the first polls to quiz Americans on their beliefs about the recently trendy problem of “fake news.” There were two aspects of the poll that caught my eye, one I find troubling and one I find comforting. First the good news: A whopping two-thirds of respondents told Morning Consult that news-readers themselves have a responsibility to avoid fake news. When asked who had the most responsibility for fake news, “the person reading the news” also garnered the most responses.

This, I believe, is the correct approach. Ultimately, the scourge of fake news is a symptom of our toxic political environment, not the disease itself. Infowars doesn’t get the traffic it does because people are tricked into believing that Sandy Hook was faked to take away their guns. RealNewsRightNow (yes, seriously) doesn’t trick people into…


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