New reality TV show denounces corruption


But the recipients of their votes are not singing ballads or performing stunts. They are checking school registers and fighting ebola.

Integrity Idol is a show with a purpose: to celebrate the honesty of the best public servants, while embarrassing the corruption of the worst.

The show, now in its second year in Liberia, is open to all government employees — who make up the majority of the formal workforce.

The concept was created by NGO Accountability Lab, which first tested the formula in 2014 in Nepal, ranked among the world’s most corrupt nations.

“We wondered what it would look like if we combined a popular reality TV show with the issues of accountability and integrity and celebrated honest government officials,” says CEO Blair Glencorse. “The next day we sent out volunteers.”

The group quickly secured thousands of nominations, and was able to put the leading candidates to a…


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