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I appreciated The Register-Guard’s front-page Associated Press article of May 10, “Collapse prompts Hanford concerns,” detailing the collapse of the tunnel at the nuclear waste site in Washington state, “The site that made plutonium for nuclear weapons for decades after World War II.”

Back when I went to college, I had the good fortune to have been taught by some very distinguished professors. As a liberal arts major, I was required, back then, to enroll in several science courses. No options allowed. Those were the requirements. Period.

The one thing that stands out in my mind is the passion of each and every one of the teachers who had to address an assembly full of reticent liberal arts majors — myself included.

One professor in particular stands out. He told us over and over and over again that there is simply no safe way to discard nuclear waste.

He explained that the technology does not exist, nor would it ever — never, ever in this history of human kind would the technology be forthcoming. It is a physical impossibility to discard nuclear waste. The atoms cannot be de-nuclearized.

I dearly wish this rule of science did not hold for the fallout and disposal of Donald Trump. Alas, science is more predictable than human nature.

Sandra Rochowansky


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