Pasta Bake Recipe


In this article i will show you how to prepare Pasta Bake Recipe. I wouldn’t normally precook the pasta for an oven-baked dish; pasta cooked twice is too starchy and rubbery, and cooking what should be a basic one-step recipe in two stages defeats the object of the exercise for me. That said, you only have to leave the pasta to stand in a pan of boiling water for as long as it takes to make a two-minute sauce, which doesn’t really count as cooking, and the result is another perfect pasta bake in the space of half an hour; very tasty and easy to make. As with all pasta bakes you can swap the ingredients around to suit yourself and, for an even quicker option, make the sauce with a tin of condensed soup diluted with a pint (500 ml) of milk – chicken, mushroom or asparagus are all good – and use tinned vegetables instead of frying onions and mushrooms at the beginning….


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