Pearl Harbor’s lessons must be remembered


On a quiet Sunday morning 75 years ago today, the Japanese navy launched a devastating attack against the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It was a day that would “live in infamy,” said President Franklin Roosevelt.

The attack catapulted the United States into a global conflict that was to become known as World War II, and led the generations that experienced it to try to make sure that Americas would always “remember Pearl Harbor.”

That sentiment still resonates today even as memories fade and survivors of the fateful day grow fewer and fewer.

Some of those survivors, like Howard Bender, who grew up in Torrance and lives in Laguna Woods, deliver a message, especially to young people, about remembering the cost of freedom.

Bender, who will turn 95 in January, was aboard the battleship USS Maryland when Japanese planes attacked. His wife, Geneva,…


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