Pitching depth a key to Dodgers re-signing Rich Hill – Los Angeles Times


A Dodgers jersey hung unbuttoned across Rich Hill’s shoulders. A matching cap adorned his head. He had been handed the garments moments before by Andrew Friedman, the team’s president of baseball operations, and Hill allowed himself a moment to consider their significance.

Hill opened his mouth to begin his remarks, only for his voice to catch in his throat. For nine seconds, he collected his thoughts. He chuckled at his own vulnerability, a quality he strives to hide on the mound.

“There is a lot of emotion up here,” Hill said a few minutes later. “I kept telling myself I wouldn’t do this. It’s something that’s been an incredible journey to get here, but never did I think that I would pack it in. I never thought I was done.”

On July 28, 2015, Hill signed a contract with a team with no major league…


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