Porsche Design also has a car exhaust speaker to sell you – The Verge


Last week, I wrote about the Ixoost EsaVox, a $21,000 Lamborghini-blazoned speaker that is made out of the actual exhaust pipe of a Lamborghini. In that post, I had commented that while EsaVox stood out for truly integrating the automotive qualities of its namesake in a way that products from Porsche Design — a design studio that, while largely unrelated to the famed automaker, still shares a name and corporate heritage with the luxury vehicles — did not.

It has come to my attention, though, that not only was I incorrect about that assumption, but that Porsche Design has actually beaten Ixoost to the punch by about a year with the 911 Soundbar. Like the EsaVox’s Lamborghini exhaust, the 911 Soundbar is crafted out of the rear exhaust system of a Porsche 911 GT3, prominently displaying the bare titanium and chrome metal of the car parts atop of a minimalist black base….


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