Power Niche Marketing: The Great Marketing Revelation – It Is All Statistics

Here is one of the great revelations of marketing. This is something I figured out over time and I am not sure exactly how. Certainly no one told me this and I didn’t read it anywhere. Maybe it is because I was a math major and just think about things mathematically. It is this:

Marketing is a game of pure statistics.

Ask anyone – I mean anyone – how they got their clients or their customers – especially their first clients or customers — and it is (almost) always completely serendipitous. It was a result of a series of events that could not be predicted or planned for.

I was picking up my three-year-old daughter from a play group because my nanny who usually does was sick, so there I was. I met the mom of my daughter’s friend, who happens to be a high-powered… and we were talking. I mentioned…. and then she said……. and the next thing you know, there I was…..

It is all completely random. Indeed, if you make a marketing plan with ten target customers or clients, it almost always works out that your best shot fails and one you thought had no chance at all turns into a big win.

In the legal world, if you ask a big rainmaker for advice you will hear everything, and stated with incredible confidence too, as to how you get clients. You hear:

It is on the golf course – that’s where “real” business is done.

It is from across the table – clients see you take their lawyer to the cleaners and they want you on the next matter.

You just do great work and the clients will find you.

You meet people at the synagogue or church and then talk business later.

You get clients from referrals.

You just be a nice guy, since clients like to work with people they like.

You just be an asshole, since clients want someone tough working for them so they can feel protected.

The reason you will hear just about everything from all sorts of people is that this happened to work for this particular rainmaker, so she thinks it is…

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