Pro Football Player Reuben Foster

Pro Football Athlete Reuben Foster

“I’m excited to join TeamGAT. They have a lot of amazing athletes here. I’m ready to get even more RIPPED with GAT supplements. Adding strength and keeping speed is KEY!”

GAT SPORT, maker of the hugely popular, clinically studied NITRAFLEX® and PMP™ pre-workouts as well as Jetfuel® brand of weight management products, is proud to announce signing Pro Football Linebacker Reuben Foster as TeamGAT Athlete to a multi-year endorsement contract.

President & CEO Charles Moser says, “GAT Sport is thrilled to have such a talented, accomplished football player at TeamGAT. With Reuben on board, we are once again redefining GAT Sport to the world as The World’s Most Powerful Lineup.”

Reuben “Ferrari” Foster has amazing sports credentials. He’s a widely respected and equally feared football linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. At 6′ and 229 lbs., he’s noted for his aggression and vicious hitting, alpha mentality, speed and agility. Pro football analysts describe him as big, fast, strong, explosive, and the complete package at the linebacker position.

His story is a true example of overcoming overwhelming odds to turn pain into strength. With an extremely tough childhood, Reuben took out his aggression in the weight room and on the football field. The Alabama native went on to become USA Today High School All-American in 2012, an ESPN four-star recruit, and the No. 1 linebacker of his class in the nation.

Reuben committed to the University of Alabama and went on to build an impressive collegiate résumé: 3 SEC Championships (2014, 2015, 2016), helped lead the Tide to a 2015 National Championship, and was named First-team All-SEC his senior season (2016). He won the coveted Butkus…

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