Pros and cons of baby jewelry

Baby jewelry says a lot about your kid such as the child’s sex, religion or family crest. It instantly makes a statement regarding a child’s style and personality which makes it even harder for anyone to choose the right jewelry for their children. There is a variety of pros and cons with regards to the pursuit of finding the perfect children’s jewelry. In addition, choosing the right jewelry also entails a series of questions regarding its durability, its personalized style, and its materials. In order to make things easier for you, here are some of the most reported pros and cons of baby jewelry.


  • Aesthetics – one of the most obvious advantages in purchasing jewelry for children is that it provides aesthetic value to the child. This is one of the major purposes of jewelries as it serves as a complement to most outfits and allows for a better appreciation and framing of the face.
  • Versatility – children’s jewelry is versatile in a sense that you have a wide range of selections to choose from. For instance, you could choose between studded earrings, animal-shaped necklaces or child-friendly figures in bracelets.
  • Convenience – small jewelries are always easier to clean and maintain. Because of this, it is relatively more convenient compared to regular adult accessories.
  • Personalization – there are various jewelry crafting shops that offer personalized jewelry services that allow you to choose from complete baby-proof packages to regular accessory types.


  • Infection and/or skin irritation – always test the reaction of the jewelry materials to your kid’s skin. Verifying if your child has an infection due to improper ear piercing is necessary if you notice skin irritation. Also make sure that the earrings are well sanitized to avoid unnecessary incidents like these.
  • Easily lost – because of the smaller size of baby jewelry, they can easily fall off a baby’s ears. Make sure to carefully place the stud before bringing your child outside…

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