QUENTIN LETTS at the Supreme Court for the second day of Brexit negotiations


Out in the grown-up world, things were happening fast.

Parliamentary motions on Article 50 were being slapped down like cards in a game of racing demon, with Labour novice Sir Keir Starmer possibly being outplayed.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier, a stiff-backed Monsieur Non in natty blue suit, made a hostile speech which basically told us to get farci.

Theresa May showed what she thought of him by boarding a warship and issuing a soundbite about how we needed a ‘red, white and blue Brexit’. To the gunwales, able matelots.

Over on the unelected side of Parliament Square, at that temple to inertia and supercilious self-regard known as the Supreme Court, the swanky judicial hearing into ministerial powers was lumbering through its second day. Quite a few spectators in the courthouse dozed.

Police officers outside gently offered the opinion that the whole fandango was ludicrous and given…


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