Review: Theatrical Outfit’s splashy ‘Big Fish’ flounders a bit – MyAJC


It’s only a matter of time before someone in “Big Fish” inevitably refers to the protagonist of the piece — a larger-than-life spinner of tall tales from a quaint little Alabama town — as the proverbial “big fish in a small pond.”

The same could probably be said about the terrific Travis Smith, who assumes the role in artistic director Tom Key’s Theatrical Outfit production, a splashy musical based on the novel by Daniel Wallace (and Tim Burton’s film version of it). Although there’s nothing exactly undersized about it in terms of its scale or scope, Smith’s crafty performance, while not quite the whole show, is surely its catchiest attribute.

The script (by John August) spans many years in the life of Edward Bloom, and largely focuses on the conflicted relationship with his son, Will (played here by Ben Thorpe as a grown-up and Gabriel Bowles as a kid). In the…


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