ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK – Despite six feet of snow fall in some places from a late-May snowstorm, Rocky Mountain National Park is making zero changes to its Memorial Day weekend schedule.

“Mother nature sometimes throws us challenge- this is one of those years,” said RMNP spokeswoman Kyle Patterson.

On Thursday, three popular campgrounds at the park opened: Aspen Glenn, Glacier Basin, and Moraine Park.

Last week, three feet of snow covered trees and roads at the base of the park. Five days later there is no trace as all of it has melted. Begin hiking, however, and things change fast.

“For about two miles our feet were going deep into snow,” said Kelsea Fink.

Fink was in town from St. Louis with her boyfriend. The two decided to spend the afternoon hiking 12 miles, despite the unforgiving conditions.

“We’ve been walking through rivers to clean our shoes off,” Fink laughed.

Mud is what people can expect this holiday weekend. Park rangers say most campgrounds are already devoid of vegetation because of their use so habitat destruction is not a worry, only deep mud.

Patterson says they will move people to different campgrounds if conditions get too bad, but they don’t anticipate it.

“You know I think it truly is a blip with the things we deal with here at Rocky Mountain National Park,” Patterson said referring to the weather.

The one big change is Trail Ridge Road. Ten days ago the road was clear and the Alpine Visitors Center was dug out for the season. After the snowstorm and ensuing winds…