Some easy methods for weed control


It is an old gardener’s saying – “one year’s weed, seven year’s seed”. It means if you allow the weeds to grow for one year, they will not leave their place for the next seven years. Almost all garden owners or those who have a water body in their house face the problem of excessive weeds growth that harms the desired plantation. Water weeds are very slippery and heavy due to their water content and it is not easy for a person to go into the deep waters and pull the weeds out. Ultimately they have to use chemicals like herbicides to get rid of this harmful shrubbery. But these chemicals are not environmental friendly and can pollute the environment.

Weeds are not much different from the plants in terms of their requirements for survival. They can be destroyed by using simple home based remedies. Here are a few of such remedies which can be used for aqua weed control and…


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