South Korea sculpture garden holds terrible statues of famous people


Look familiar? No one would blame you if they didn’t, but these are supposed to be sculptures of some of the world’s most famous figures.

The Great Stone Face Sculpture Park resides in a 20-acre garden on the grounds of a South Korean Mental Hospital.

Meant to resemble famous politicians, economists and revolutionaries, the sculptures are owned by Chung Guen-hee, of Eumseong, South Korea.

Musical Artist Michael Jackson is one of many unusual busts that do a poor job resembling famous figures from around the world 

One of the 12-foot-high busts is meant to pay tribute to the ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher 

For some 20 years, Mr Chung has ordered 12-foot-high busts, which are meant to be a tribute to famous people from around the world, from a sculpting school he owns in China.

He has them shipped to the grounds of…


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