Steve Weeres Time Management Story

I, Steve Weeres, used to work with a man who had a habit of stopping whatever we were doing or trying to accomplish to do seemingly unimportant tasks.  For example, one day when we were working on a very exciting project, the breaker for the electrical panel that controls our coffee maker tripped and cut the power off.  After a rapid inspection I soon found the breaker panel and began to manually turn each one off and on while my partner watched the coffee maker until the lights came on once more.  After we found the offending breaker and our coffee was brewing again, I thought we could now get back to the undertaking that was interrupted.

I was incorrect.  More mistaken than I imagined.

The first thing that my affiliate did was haul me back to the electrical panel to point out to him the breaker that had tripped.  Then he had me keep my finger by the panel while he went to locate a label and a marker.  Then he had me shut off the breaker while he went over with a light and checked each of the plugs in the area of the coffee maker to determine which ones were tied to the breaker that tripped.  Then he carefully labeled the breaker with a outline of the plugs it was operating.

All of this was driving me insane!  It took me less than a minute to flip the breaker, and he had made this a twenty minute challenge!  I finally demanded that he explain to me why we were monkeying around with this, instead of doing the essential things at hand.

“Time administration”, he replied.

I was blown away!  If he called that time administration then I was a monkey’s uncle.  I was thinking that maybe my good friend was crazy or at the very least had a very twisted view of time administration.  I had heard others whine about the way that my pal did things, and they were right.  I demanded to know how we could suspend a very critical mission to spend twenty minutes labeling a breaker.

“Well”, he responded, “By the time we reset all the digital clocks that are tied to that…

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