‘Steven Universe’ Season 4 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Updates: Steven’s New Powers Explored; Who Is Rose Quartz? – Gamenguide


  • “Steven Universe” season 4 latest episode concluded with a cliffhanger ending, which means questions about Steven will be discussed more in the upcoming episodes.
    (Photo: SnakeUniverse 2364/Youtube Screenshot)

After being in a hiatus for so long, “Steven Universe” season 4 started airing new episodes on Cartoon Network. New episodes will focus on revealing more of Steven’s new powers. The season preview that was released on Nov. 17 shows Steven and the gems playing around with some vegetables.

The video clip showed Peridot and Lapis thinking they brought a pumpkin back to life, and it was then later on revealed that Steven was the one who created the creature, making Steven its master. In the most recent episode of “Steven Universe” season 4, fans learn about Steven’s very first winter. The episode entitled “Three…


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