Stopover: the anatomy of the warrior’s rest – Daily News Egypt


What would a resting warrior look like? How would he feel and would he think about? If your answer is “I don’t now and I didn’t think about it before,” then you need to see the film Stopover. If you can imagine how a warrior thinks and feels, you also need to see the film because the warriors in this case are two French women soldiers who just finished their tour in Afghanistan and are headed back home. On the way, they stop at a resort to rest and submit themselves to psychological evaluation.

From the first moment of the film, directors and script writers Delphine and Muriel Coulin use colours and cinema language to draw a bold line separating two different groups: civilians and military. The opening scene is an aeroplane full of soldiers covering their eyes with masks. When they reach the hotel, they contact the civilians who are dressed more colourfully and are dancing….


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