Sudbury cops say they need fentanyl antidote to save lives –


Both authorities and addicts say that fentanyl packs a potent—  but deadly — punch.

Now the drug has made its way onto Sudbury’s streets, and police are making sure they are ready to deal with its effects.

Fentanyl can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled in the air, which puts police at greater risk of coming into contact with the drug.

The new concern for police is that they can be accidentally exposed, said Detective Sergeant James Killeen of the Greater Sudbury Police Services. But that may be easier said than done.

He wants to see naloxone, the the drug’s antidote, made available to officers.

“Something to be implemented would have to go into our budget. Naloxone is a spray that has an expiry date on it. So that’s constantly going to have to get renewed, but it’s kind of hard to put a price on saving somebody’s life,” Killeen said.


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