Sunrise Springs Spa Resort Now Offers Access to Wellness Services for Locals and Day Visitors

Sally Fisher, MD

Our healing philosophies and experiential offerings are built for anyone seeking a deeper exploration and understanding of their lives. -Michael Schroeder, Lead Counselor, LMFT

Santa Fe’s only destination spa, Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, announced today that it will now offer day visitors and locals access to their wellness practitioners, Medical Director, Sally Fisher, MD, and Lead Counselor Michael Schroeder, LMFT. Dr. Fisher focuses on integrative, holistic, preventive and nutritional medicine while Schroeder focuses on individual and couples’ counseling. Both experts offer on-site, one-on-one sessions to help guests discover optimal health.

Guests meet for a personal, confidential consultation with Dr. Fisher to discuss a holistic approach to health concerns or wellness goals. In this session, Dr. Fisher’s compassionate approach to creating a sustainable plan for living well can include a range of concerns including brain health, digestive health, weight, nutrition and supplements, sleep, stress and cortisol issues, female or male health, autoimmunity and cancer. For lodging guests, Dr. Fisher teaches a variety of classes at Sunrise, covering topics such as nutrition, stress and relaxation, gut health, ancient rhythms (sleep, seasons, sunlight and darkness), and how history, evolution and botany have all played important roles in our use of food as medicine.

A 70-acre oasis centered around natural cold spring-fed ponds and surrounded by towering cottonwood trees and extensive gardens, Sunrise sets the stage for guests to quickly grasp an improved sense of well-being just by spending time outdoors, walking the property, bathed in sunshine and away from their digital devices.

“When guests arrive, they say they feel better almost instantly,” said Fisher. “When people realize they have the capacity to shift their experience more easily than they expected, they become inspired in our sessions to reach the health goals and objectives they seek.”

At the center of Sunrise Springs is a Medicine Wheel, which represents the harmonious balance between the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of well-being. Here Michael Schroeder begins a session with questions which lead to insights about a guest’s present life. By creating this awareness, guests better understand their relationship with themselves and their connection with others.

Schroeder’s confidential one-on-one sessions are solution-focused, combining art, myth, mindfulness and elements of Zen Buddhism to address topics such as stress and anxiety, esteem, intimacy, relationship wellness and parenting.

“Our healing philosophies and experiential offerings are built for anyone seeking a deeper…

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