Tacos for iftar? Ramadan, and a new era, start today – Orange County Register

For this year’s Ramadan, Rida Hamida is bringing taco trucks to every mosque in her community.

The holy month, which starts today and is observed by 1.5 billion Muslims, involves two key things — community-wide fasting during the daylight hours and the breaking of that fast, just after sunset, with a huge meal known as iftar.

Tacos are not standard iftar fare.

And that’s the point.

For Hamida, and thousands of other Muslims in Southern California, the iftar table is becoming a place to forge bonds with non-Muslim neighbors. That’s been true since the Sept. 11 attacks, but this year — the first Ramadan since the election of President Donald Trump — the trend is accelerating. And if the tacos-for-iftar effort happens to bring together two groups who currently feel targeted — Muslims and Latinos — so much the better, say Hamida and others.

Mosques and Muslim community organizations generally are emphasizing…

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