TGW Introduces Fully-Automated, Deep-Freeze Storage Solutions for U.S. Cold-Chain Market

TGW Freezer Logistics

“TGW is the first company to bring a standardized shuttle system for freezer warehouses into the market.” Andy Lockhart, VP Sales

As the first automated logistics solution provider to offer an automated freezer handling system based on standardized products and components, TGW Logistics Group meets the challenges faced by cold and freezer chain warehouses and distribution centers while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership. Every TGW system, component and product can be used in temperatures from 104 to -22 degrees Fahrenheit (+40 to -30 degrees Celsius).

Frozen pizza, vegetables or ice cream — before a consumer brings frozen food home it travels through an unbroken cold chain. “Ensuring the highest possible quality is crucial when it comes to food,” says Michael Schedlbauer, Industry Manager for grocery retail at TGW. “We understand that high-performance freezer material handling technology contributes to meeting high quality standards. For us, freezer logistics is the standard to which all of our logistics solutions are designed and engineered.”

Standardized TGW freezer solution increases productivity, lowers total cost of ownership

Because TGW experts have been automating freezer warehouses end-to-end — from in-bound receiving to out-bound shipping and all points in between — for years, they leveraged that knowledge into the development of the Stingray Shuttle storage and retrieval technology.

The all-wheel-drive Stingray Shuttle can be installed and operated in temperatures from 104 to -22 degrees Fahrenheit (+40 to -30 degrees Celsius). “For sub-zero environments, we modify the Stingray with two components manufactured from materials that more readily adapt to the freezer conditions — similar to winterizing a car,” Schedlbauer notes. “The performance of the freezer technology is equal to that of equipment operating in normal temperatures.”

Automation of freezer and cold storage warehouses within the retail grocery industry — from depalletizing to storage to picking to transport to palletizing — offers a variety of benefits, including increased worker productivity. Fully automated solutions improve worker comfort and ergonomics in physically demanding freezer environments, allowing them to pick more products in less time.

Further, for ease of maintenance and repairs, the Stingray Shuttles can be removed from their aisles via a special lift, then serviced in an area with more ambient temperatures for faster and more reliable work.

Additionally, the compact construction of the shuttle storage and retrieval system supports high storage density. That enables more products to be stored within a smaller facility footprint and greater energy…

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