The 21 richest people in Europe


Political stability is important to the world’s richest people, which means it’s an interesting time to be a wealthy European.

As Britain pushes on with Brexit, Italy sees its liberal prime minister resign, and France flirts with the election of the far-right Marine Le Pen as President, a wave of populism seems set to sweep over the continent.

Europe’s wealthy elite is worried: political stability and a generous tax regime are rarely the hallmarks of populist government, and there are also fears that Brexit could drive away the country’s richest.

Business Insider took a look at who made it onto the Sunday Times Rich List this year — selected from those who either live or were born Europe, it is possible the list will look very different by next year.

Take a look. 

21. Dieter Schwarz & family

Net worth: £12.0 billion Age: 77

As owner of Schwarz-Gruppe, Dieter…


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