The Cricut Gypsy: How a Crafter Can Be Two Places at Once

So, you’re flying down the highway headed for that perfect vacation get-away. The dogs are at the pet sitter’s, the mail has been stopped, all the chores are done before heading out. The birthday party invitations project you’ve been working on is strewn across your crafting table unfinished. You would have liked to have been finished with them, but you just couldn’t decide what you wanted them to look like. In the end, frustration won, and you left with the family to go to the beach, the invitations not even close to finished. “Oh well, I’ll still have a little time to do something with them when we get back home,” you tell yourself, and off you go.

Halfway through your vacation, you get some leisure time to just hang out on the beach and soak up some sun and much-needed rest. You’re just about to doze off into oblivion when all of a sudden, it happens. In the back of your sunbathed relaxed mind, you see the perfect design for those party invitations! Oh, they will be so cute, your guests will smile when they open them. Some will wonder where you bought them and will be so shocked to learn you created them yourself!

You dig in your beach bag for a piece of paper and a pen….any piece of paper, a pencil, a crayon—your bag has only beach paraphernalia in it. Frustrated now because you have the idea, but can’t even jot down a note about it, you lie back again and try to relax, hoping you can remember your brilliant idea.

But wait! This episode could have had a very different outcome. Back at the house before you left for your vacation, you could have packed up  your little Cricut Gypsy to take with you. Weighing in at just over two pounds, you wouldn’t have felt the difference in the baggage. By doing so, you would have carried your invitations project with you.

At the beach that day when the brainstorm struck and you saw clearly what your invitations would look like, wouldn’t it have been nice to reach into that bag and pull out your…

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