The Key Features of the PIPO MAX M1 Tablet



For the Pipo Max M1 tablet PC, hardware is perhaps another feature that really makes it a standout in the market. There are many really fast microchips that are specifically made for its operation. In fact, the Pipo Max M1 uses the Rockchip RK3066 1.6GHz of Dual Core processors. By the way in order to add speed to the overall completion of each operation it is supported with the RAM 1GB and the ROM 16GB. Actually, it is key features that really make this cheap Android Tablet PC from China to one of the most advanced in the Android tablet market. 

The PIPO MAX M1 Tablet

It means that no matter you want to access your work emails or perhaps make some video calls or something else, you can certainly do with it. Quadrant tests shows us the scores are quite high, which mean that the operation speed is fast enough and and it can results as quickly as possible. Superior performance is…


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