The NEW Jungle in Dieppe as Albanians claim it is EASY to go undetected to the UK


Hidden away among the cliff edges are the beginnings of what could soon become, according to residents of Dieppe, the next sprawling migrant camp.

Around 200km from Calais sits Dieppe – one of the busiest fishing ports in France.

The Communist mayor of the coastal area Sebastien Jumel revealed he is doing his best to look after the migrants – but said they are planning to come to England – rather than stay in France.

He told The Europea newspapern: “Yes, there are a number of refugees who have come to Dieppe and who want to reach the UK.

“What we are concerned about is the majority of men who have made their way to Dieppe from Albania with the UK as their final destination 

“We know there are Albanian gangs of people traffickers who are paid to deliver Albanian men from Albania to the Normandy coast, including Dieppe.

“Many have the intention of getting to England from this area -…


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