The Page Turner: “Romance novels offer more than most might expect” – The Daily Titan


Romance novels are a genre that aren’t particularly regarded seriously. There is a stigma surrounding romance novels that they are too mushy and don’t hold anything of importance. However, I can say from experience, that is not the case.

I have read countless romance novels, ranging from historical romance to modern. But one author, the talented Judith McNaught, stands out the most.

McNaught is a master when it comes to romance novels. Never, in my existence, have I read any books that have made me so emotional. Almost all of her novels have made me fall to my knees on my bedroom floor and weep until my strength has left me. McNaught’s writing is exquisite, and she makes love tangible and real.

One of McNaught’s novels, “Whitney, My Love,” was the second romance novel I ever read. I remember that I was a sophomore in high school when I read it. I did not expect it to…


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