Things you should Know about Cooking Rice


The food made with rice always so yummy, tasty. There are many varieties can be cooked using rice of different types from short grain sticky rice to non sticky long grain basmati rice. There is a wide range in rice variety. And they are enough to make a different variety of different types of rice dishes including morning breakfast to dinner. Rice can be used in many different ways to cook. According to different rice, there are many different ways to cook it. There may be some things that you don’t know about rice and the tips to cook it. Here is a little overview on it.

The one of the method to categorized rice is by its length from shorter which is sticky to longer and non sticky. As the longer the rice grain, it required more water to cook. For example long grain rice needs more water to cook then short grain rice.

Brown rice is the healthiest type of it. At the initial stage…


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