This Biohacker Wants to Spur a Genetic Engineering Revolution With Glowing Beer – Gizmodo


Mead brewed with a genetically engineered green fluorescent yeast that glows under a blacklight. Image: Josiah Zayner

If you ask Josiah Zayner, the genetic engineering revolution will not come in the form of designer babies or mutant super crops, but in the form of a bottle of glowing beer.

Zayner is a biohacker. Once a synthetic biologist at NASA, a few years ago he quit his job to bring science to the masses. And now, Zayner would like to teach us all how to brew our own genetically modified, glowing beer.

“When the personal computer came out I imagine people purchased it because it was cool and maybe had a game they could play or a program they could use,” Zayner told me. “Now living organisms are the computer and DNA is the code that writes reality. We want…


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