Tiny Kitten Loves To Stand Up For Her 180-Pound Dog Brothers – The Dodo


Fergus and Sully, two Irish wolfhound brothers, have never really been aware of how huge they are. Both dogs are big sweethearts, and big scaredy cats — which became apparent when they met the tiniest new member of their family.

Emily, Fergus and Sully’s mom, was at her local Humane Society one day when she met George.


“We went there to drop off some donations (dog bowls and dogs beds), and there was this little kitten in a cage crying so loudly,” Emily told The Dodo. “We took her out and played with her for a bit and knew we had to adopt her that day. We loved her instantly.”

George was only 4 months old and weighed a mere 3 pounds when her new parents took her home. You would think that such a tiny kitten would be scared of meeting two gigantic dogs like Sully and Fergus — but as it turns out, it was the other way around.

“At first we made the mistake of leaving George in…


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