Toy Company Forecasts Shortage of Pool Watermelons

Dribble Watermelon Ball under water

There is no way we could have foreseen the excitement Watermelon Ball® would generate”, says PlaSmart CEO Tim Kimber. “Our entire current inventory is committed and…we expect that demand will continue to outpace orders.

PlaSmart Inc., a Canadian-based, international distributor that selects products that are smart, simple, and fun predicts a Watermelon Ball® shortage this coming summer. Watermelon Ball® is the ball that’s designed to look, feel, and behave like a watermelon in water.

Sales have skyrocketed since PlaSmart signed a license agreement with creator, Jeff Larson, in November, 2016 to market Watermelon Ball® worldwide. “There is no way we could have foreseen the excitement Watermelon Ball® would generate,” says PlaSmart CEO Tim Kimber. “Our current inventory is committed and, despite shipments that are on the way, we expect that demand will continue to outpace availability.”

Kimber adds, “We are looking forward to seeing a further spike in interest on June 13th when Watermelon Ball® will be highlighted on The Grommet’s Today’s Launch. According to The Grommet’s website, “A Grommet is an innovative, unique product that is created by a Maker with a story to tell.” Watermelon Ball® inventor, Jeff Larson, will be standing by online throughout the day to tell his story and respond to questions and comments.

About Watermelon Ball®

Many people will remember playing watermelon ball, using real watermelons, at summer camp or in backyard pools. Watermelons are nearly neutrally buoyant; first sinking in water and slowly rising to the surface. This characteristic makes them ideal for playing all kinds of water games.

Unlike most balls that are inflated with air, Watermelon Ball® is filled with water. Designed to look, feel, and behave like a watermelon in water, Watermelon Ball® allows players to dribble, kick, bounce, pass, and intercept under water. Watermelon Ball® is extremely durable and stands up to repeated intense use; features that were sorely missing with watermelon fruit.

Watermelon Ball® History

The development of Watermelon Ball® began in 2004 with a group of college students who frequently got together to play a swimming pool game that used real watermelons. The intensity of play caused the watermelons to crack, and sometimes accidentally smash. Concerned that they were making a “pretty good mess,” as well as spending a lot of money on watermelons, one student (Watermelon Ball® creator, Jeff Larson) designed a ball that behaved like a watermelon, but could withstand intense play.

The watermelon ball sessions continued using the tough new Watermelon Ball® and competition became more…

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