Transformers: independent innovation become the focus of the industry


The 90’s of last century, with the rapid development of China economy, in the industrial area of the rapid popularization of frequency converter, in twenty-first Century experienced an economic crisis, but did not disrupt inverter market, overall remains stable development state, along with the frequency converter market demand continues to expand at the same time also increased the transformer production scale expansion.

 At present, China electronic transformer products is still in low level. Compared to the current high performance products into the market for the current situation, local enterprises in the past has rich raw material resources, cheap labor, mature technology and huge market demand and other advantages, it has been lost.

The viewpoint thinks, national enterprise still has an advantage, it also can hold onto those varieties of models, specifications of multiple batches, large amount of traditional product position. But experts say, this view of the enterprise cannot form new, strong competitiveness.

  If the domestic enterprises can break through high-end technology, it is not necessarily extend new market. In general has to conquer and grasp the high-end product production capacity, electronic transformer local enterprises share of the market is hard to have the essential breakthrough, independent innovation has become the industry is heavy.

  No advanced technology, we compared with foreign enterprises are in a passive position, local enterprises difficulties from the raw material price lasts perch, manage to the enterprise brings very great difficulty. The smaller the transfer of funds, lack of enterprise production – or forced to close.

The electronic transformer business from the four thousand adjustment to the current more than two thousand. It should be noted that this adjustment due to market competition is the practice of survival of the fittest, a certain extent, promote the development and optimization of the industry.


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