Travel insurance: It would cost £27 MILLION to protect Father Christmas


December is the busiest time for Santa Claus as he prepares for his biggest journey of the year. 

Towergate Insurance – a specialist insurance broker – has worked out the cost of insuring the big fella in red as he goes around on Christmas eve. 

And the figure comes in at a staggering £27,143,554.20.

The insurance firm said that Father Christmas’ high value and high risk job delivering toys to nearly eight million children would require several specialist insurance policies.

These include employer’s liability insurance – with a workforce of 200 magical elves, Santa, is responsible for their ‘elf and safety and if anything happened he needs to be able to provide compensation.

Commercial property insurance for his toy shop in case of theft, fire or snow flooding.

Then there’s of course vet insurance to ensure his trusty reindeer are in the best health.

There is also cover for his…


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