UK coffee chains criticised over sugar-laden products – The Guardian


Cakes and muffins on sale at popular UK coffee chains are loaded with sugar, according to an analysis by a health campaign group.

A 172g lemon drizzle product from Pret a Manger contains 18 teaspoons of sugar a slice, found the report by Action on Sugar. That is three times a child’s daily recommended maximum sugar intake and more sugar than six Krispy Kreme glazed sugar doughnuts, the group said in its survey of nearly 70 lemon, carrot and blueberry muffins and cakes on sale in coffee shops and supermarkets.

The next worst offender was Starbucks’ Christmas carrot cake with 15 teaspoons of sugar a serving – more sugar than five Krispy Kremes – followed by Pret a Manger’s double berry muffins with 10. A teaspoon of sugar is equal to about 4g.

Between similar products at different coffee chains, there was sometimes a big difference in sugar and calorie content, the survey…


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