WATCH: Shocking moment man takes on kangaroo in order to save his dog


The footage shows a man, Greg Bloom, running towards a dog and a kangaroo.

As he gets closer it emerges that the kangaroo has got his dog, Max, in a headlock.

When Greg gets closer, Max tries to escape but the Kangaroo lifts the dog up and kicks his front legs.

Distracted by Greg, the kangaroo suddenly lets go of the dog.

The kangaroo then turns his attention to Greg.

It squares up to the Australian guy and comes towards him, having found its next victim.

But before the kangaroo is able to do anything, Greg punches it in the face before running back towards his car with the dogs.

Stunned by what has just happened, the kangaroo stares at Greg before bouncing off in the opposite direction.

The video was uploaded to yesterday.

Since then it has gone viral with more than 20,000 shares.

Many have gone on to comment on the video, saying there was no need to punch the Australian animal…


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