WAV or MP3 – Which Is Better and Why?


Every multimedia user is familiar with WAV file format as well as MP3 and is aware that they differ really much regarding their main properties and particular benefits. WAV format is often made use of when one has to save a CD rip with the same level of quality and no modifications of the original file. Nevertheless, there is such a disadvantage of CD quality files is that they are fairly large in size, for example, a minute of music equals to a dozen megabytes on your local disc. For this reason it is quite a problem to send such a file to a friend or upload it to your portable multimedia player that is unlikely to support it at all.

MP3 is the default format among music developers, sound editors and producers, so all the files they upload onto the net for you to listen and download will arrive to your computer with this extension. MP3 files are compressed ones, which means the data…


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