What new Obama bio fails to reveal

Pulitzer Prize-winner David Garrow has written the ultimate “bubble book.”

Garrow’s massive new biography about Barack Obama’s pre-presidential years, “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama,” pulls its information almost exclusively from within the liberal bubble. Information generated from outside the bubble is pure irritant.

For instance, Obama has been using a Connecticut Social Security number since 1980. It first appeared on his Selective Service document. This is a fact, not a speculation.

The semi-major media have acknowledged as much but fail to offer an explanation as to why. There is no good one. But since the information was introduced from outside, by Susan Daniels, a licensed PI from Ohio, Garrow feels free to ignore it completely.

In March 2008, veteran black politico Percy Sutton appeared on a local New York City talk show. When asked about Obama, Sutton calmly explained that he had been “introduced to [Obama] by a friend.”

The friend’s name was Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, and the introduction had taken place about 20 years prior. Sutton described al-Mansour as “the principal adviser to one of the world’s richest men.” The billionaire in question was Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

They wanted Sutton’s help to get Obama into Harvard Law. Sutton provided it. The video did not surface until after Obama had won the primary, so the bubble media suppressed it, and Garrow ignored it.

Obama sealed his grades, SAT scores and LSAT scores as well as his Occidental College financial-aid records, his Harvard Law School records, his Columbia senior thesis, his Columbia College records, his record with Illinois State Bar Association and his passport records.

There is a nicely symbiotic explanation as to why these records remain sealed: Obama has not wanted to show them and the media have not wanted to see them. Garrow showed little or no interest in them either.

As to the birth certificate, Garrow tells a story that beggars belief. Obama was visiting his Chicago home in 2011 for only the third time since his election as president. There he discovers “a Kapilolani Hospital booklet documenting his Aug. 4, 1961, birth among his late mother’s papers.”

“Charmed by the keepsake,” Garrow continues, “Barack directed his attorneys to release his long-withheld ‘long form’ birth certificate.”

Charmed? Garrow makes no reference to Obama’s well-documented legal battle to keep the birth certificate sealed or of the pressure being brought to bear in 2011 by Donald Trump and the impending release of Jerry Corsi’s book on the controversy.

Garrow does mention, however, that Obama revealed the birth certificate five days before his “signature accomplishment,” the capture of bin Laden. To him, the timing was pure coincidence.

Even when Garrow discovers new information through his exhaustive interviews, he chooses not to connect…

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