Why save into a pension? Because it can get you £112.50 for £50


As a general rule, if someone offers you £112.50 for £50 then you should take it.

If letters from people’s work pensions had a message like that written at the top, would they be more likely to take up what’s on offer?

It certainly seems a clearer outline of the benefits of a work pension than many I’ve seen sent out to people by an industry that spends millions finessing its messages.

Free money: The incentives to put money into a pension include the potential to more than double your contribution with cash from your employer and tax relief

And those are messages that often don’t get through, if all the bad news we hear about a pensions saving crisis is true – often based on research put out by that very same industry.

Yet, among all this there is some good news, such as the tale of Toni Leigh Hall that we told this week.

The 28-year-old started saving…


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