You might not have noticed, but your days are getting slower


Our days are getting ever so slightly longer thanks to the slowing down of the Earth’s orbit.

The average day has increased by around 1.8 milliseconds every century over the last 27,000 years – according to new research.

But because of this painfully gradual change, it would take 6.7 million years for the average day to gain just one minute more.

The study, co-authored by retired Royal Greenwich Observatory astronomer Leslie Morrison, found that the 1.8ms increase was “significantly less” than the previous 2.3ms estimate.

“It’s a very slow process,” said Dr Morrison.

“These estimates are approximate, because the geophysical forces operating on the Earth’s rotation will not necessarily be constant over such a long period of time.

NASA: Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

“Intervening Ice Ages etcetera will disrupt these simple extrapolations.”

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