Ian aka "Alckemy" from SoCal focuses on experimental electronic music. Combining elements of heavy bass influences with a focus on texture, each track aims to tell a different story. His name is a play on Alchemy, as his sound design approach is unconventional and heavily focused on effect stacking/resampling. 

Alckemy's musical journey was a byproduct of a catastrophic injury. with full time jobs in circus performance (Cirque Du Soleil, Marvel Universe Live!) and instruction of martial arts, a shattered ankle drew him to alternatives that wouldn't destroy his body. in 2013 He started with Maschine, eventually leading to Ableton and Bitwig, and now he runs a youtube channel while studying under some heavy hitting producers.

Currently Alckemy is under refinement to push his genre further, and in the meantime is working towards growing awareness and community in the electronic scene.

Catch the latest tutorials and livestreams on Youtube!

Catch the latest tutorials on Youtube Or live streams on Twitch!